Dear Colleague,

You know that investment technique where you can be sure the value of a stock never falls below a certain level? Essentially, by setting the minimum you will accept in profit (or loss), you can guarantee your returns never slide backwards. You minimize your losses. You could say that you “lock in” your standards at the level you feel you deserve.

This strategy is used every day, especially in volatile markets. It has an even more important use too…

How about your most important investment? The one in the lifestyle you’ve built from scratch for the people you love most… your family and the legacy you’ll leave to them. Just like the market’s uncontrollable circumstances can kill an investment, other uncontrollable circumstances can destroy your lifestyle. Your legacy can be squandered.

Your family’s lifestyle depends on your entrepreneurs performance. You can be on top of the world one minute, proudly enjoying the life and lifestyle your family have sacrificed years for. The next, your hopes, dreams and life can be all around you in tiny pieces. You can go from success to insignificance in a heartbeat.

Most wise investors cover their positions with stock stop-loss orders. They protect their assets from the whim of the market.

You can make similar stop-loss arrangements for your lifestyle and legacy.

Just like your investment stop-loss strategy can prevent your assets from sliding below a set standard, you can also protect your lifestyle from sliding too.

You can install a lifestyle stop-loss strategy that maintains your high standard of living even if:

1.    You are too sick to work
2.    You are injured and can't get to work
3.    You contract some dread disease and have to recuperate for a long time
4.    Your health prevents you from saving for retirement
5.    A family illness drains you out of business
6.    You retire and sickness drains your resources
7.    You become part of the grillwork on a Mack truck on one of your trips

There are many reasons the price of a stock can plummet. There are just as many reasons you lifestyle can too. Fortunately, there are only a few cures for your lifestyle.

I’m Edgar De Souza of De Souza Financial Corp. Since 1986, I have been helping entrepreneurs protect their cherished family lifestyles and their ultimate legacies to them. I know the ins and outs of these unique “family lifestyle stop-loss strategies” as well as anyone. Probably better than most because this is the focus of what I do.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years to install these strategies and know the tips and tricks to make them work best. You can take advantage of my expertise and experience.

Needs like yours, are my business. You can count on my extensive expertise and experience to install the right plan for you. I understand your lifestyle and legacy issues because they are my issues too. My business is like yours that way. I have made it my business to help protect yours.

Think about it for a minute. If you could lock in your hard-earned family lifestyle at today’s level, why wouldn’t you? Of course, you would.

Sometimes, you can even lock it in at the level you hope to achieve. It’s like you can underwrite your dreams. Imagine... Your worries can be over. Sleep can be easy. You can do it too…

So, why don’t all entrepreneurs have these stop-loss strategies in place if they are such a hot idea?


Just two reasons…
There are just two reasons successful entrepreneurs don’t act on this -- Time and trouble. You reasonably think that these strategies take too much time to build and then cause too much trouble… say in your pocketbook.

Here’s the thing… neither reason has to be true. First, when you deal with someone who really knows, you can package up an effective solution quickly. Then, when you appreciate the magnitude of your investment in your lifestyle, you can see the Stop Loss Strategies for your lifestyle and legacy in the proper perspective.

In perspective, the price is paltry.

You wouldn’t sacrifice what matters most for what matters least. And, you’d invest a “twoonie” to make a hundred…

Doesn’t it make sense to invest a twoonie to protect a hundred?

When you have an “Lifestyle and Legacy Stop Loss Strategy” in place, you’ll experience a special kind of calm few entrepreneurs ever feel. You’ll have the comfort of knowing you’ve arranged the time you need to achieve it all. And, if you don’t your family gets the ultimate payback for all the sacrifices they’ve made.

That makes it all,worth it.

Your stop loss strategy is just pennies on the dollar and you can choose what’s most important to you. My job is to show you your options. You have a bunch.

The first step in doing that is for us to meet to see how you might protect your family from the sliding back and your legacy from disappearing. The time it takes is surprisingly small. The effect on your security and personal well-being can be amazingly large.

Call me at 416.729.6412 anytime. We’ll arrange a convenient time to sit down over coffee and I can explain how your stop loss strategy can make a huge difference to you and your family. Your business too. You can also email me at and arrange a meeting that way.

Alternatively, contact my office and speak with Patricia Thomé at 905.475.6505 x 1373 or Lesley Chapman at 905.475.6505 x 1372

Protect your Lifestyle and legacy like you protect your stocks… they are much more important.


Edgar DeSouza